Kaohsiung police nab 5 in death of Philippines fishery worker

April 18, 2016, 12:31 am TWN

TAIPEI -- The Kaohsiung Harbor Police Department said Sunday it has arrested five Indonesian migrant workers on a foreign fishing boat docked at a wharf in Cijin, on suspicion of links to the death of a Philippines fishery worker.

Police searching for other suspects are investigating a possible homicide after a body was found drifting in the sea in front of the shipyard of a shipbuilding company in Cijin Saturday.

The dead man, who appeared to be a foreign national and about 30 years old, suffered three puncture wounds to his abdomen and had bruises on his head. The possibility of murder cannot be ruled out, police said.

After an investigation, police further discovered that Indonesian workers on the Vanuatu-registered fishing boat which docked at the wharf were suspected of attacking Philippines crew members from another vessel with knives, fishing hooks and wine bottles on Friday night, resulting in one death and injuries to two Philippines workers.

Police said that the dead body was that of a missing Philippines fishery worker who was to work on a newly built fishing boat berthed in front of the shipyard. The Filipino arrived in Taiwan on Thursday and was preparing to work on the new boat.

The Filipino and five other Indonesian fishing workers on the same boat headed to another fishing boat docked nearby to drink and socialize with other Philippines fishery workers on the boat. They then unexpectedly came under attack by more than 10 Indonesian crew members at the scene, which led to the death of the Filipino and two others injured, police added.

The case has been sent to the prosecutor's office and police are searching for other suspects at large, according to a police report.

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