Joma claim on scrapping of peace talks ‘all lies’: Galvez

MANILAThe Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) slammed claims of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria "Joma" Sison that the country's security officials are to blame for the termination of peace talks, saying these are all lies.

Jose Maria Sison is once again frothing lies in his mouth as he desperately attempts to circumvent the facts on the ground and regain relevance in their so-called armed struggle, said AFP Chief of Staff, Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr., in a statement Tuesday.

Sison earlier alleged that the security sector sabotaged the informal talks between the government and the communist movement in June.

The communist armed group cannot force the people into thinking that the terror group is representative of the public and is in any position to negotiate with the government, Galvez added.

The AFP chief said the position to terminate the peace negotiations was based on two things: the exploitation of the ceasefire declaration with rampant recruitment and extortion efforts; and the need to review past and future agreements and legitimize the peace talks through consultation with the public.

Galvez said Sison's statement is an attempt to revive discussions on the peace talks and an effort to divert attention from the foiled plot to oust the present administration.

We advise Joma Sison to get over his delusions on his relevance and the strength the NPA (New People's Army). It is only a matter of time, and it is quite sooner than he expects, that the terror of the communist group will end and communities on the ground will be liberated, Galvez said.

Through the combination of military pressure and community support programs, the AFP was able to compel members and supporters to surrender which eroded the NPA's support systems.

As of Oct. 10, more than 9,795 regular members, Militia ng Bayan, underground organization members, and mass base supporters have surrendered nationwide this year.

The bulk of the surrender comes from Eastern Mindanao where 8,665 have surrendered. A total of 1,344 assorted firearms were also seized from NPAs, further limiting their capability to launch attacks against the government and private businesses.

These breakthroughs in our strategy put Sison into a corner with nowhere to go but mumble old claims and insinuate the military's role in the termination of the peace talks. While he remains free to dwell in his dreams, the public, the people on the ground, knows his role is over, Galvez added.

He added that the AFP remains focused on its mandate to protect the people and the state against lawless elements such as the NPAs.

"Through the AFP modernization program and the Development Support Security Plan Kapayapaan, Sison can expect that our gains against the NPA will pick up in the months to come, he added. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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