Joke only!

THE "Rape joke" of Davao City Mayor and presidential contender Rodrigo R. Duterte went viral with just over two weeks before Election Day.

Rivals of Mayor Duterte had a heyday as they found in the joke an issue to attack the mayor with amid his soaring ratings in surveys.

But if we were to go with the definition of the word joke, then it says a joke is "someone or something that is not worth taking seriously."

While the anti-Dutertes were busy attacking the mayor for the joke he made, Liberal Party member Vice Governor Mayo Almario now running for Congressman in Second District of Davao Oriental with the whole Team Almario headed by gubernatorial candidate Thelma Almario and 11 Mayoral bets defected to the Duterte camp on Thursday at the Royal Mandaya Hotel in Davao City.

Almario brushed off the joke saying, that had Duterte not been leading the latest surveys then the issue would not have been raised against him.

Almario said that he filed his certificate of candidacy under the Liberal Party since Duterte did not file his in time for the deadline last October 16, 2015.

Almario promised to deliver 95% of Davao Oriental’s votes, except that just as strong is the tam of incumbent Gov. Corazon N. Malanyaon who is now running for congress and supporting the candidacy for governer of incumbent Rep. Nelson Dayanghirang.

Meanwhile, in last Thursday’s Food Security Blueprint at the Royal Mandaya Hotel a participant quipped, "Under Duterte's Regime Philippines will be closed for renovation but if we commit a mistake (in voting the wrong person) our country will closed from bankruptcy."

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