Izumi : offers bottleless home water system

MANILA, Philippines IzumiBottleless Home WaterSystem provides a more convenient way to have a continuous supply of healthy drinking water right from your water source and without the use of plastic containers that's heavy to lift.With unlimited access to hotandcoldwateranytime of the day, this water dispenser from Izumi can be connected to your water faucet at home, realizing further savings as households will no longer have to purchase single-use plastic bottled water or the large five-gallon blue bottles of water from stores.In addition, the water goes through four stages of filtration system which includes: Sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, UF Membrane, Post Carbon Filter, and Calcium Carbonate Filter. Furthermore, convenience is at its best since it is available anytime in your own place and there will be no need for water delivery anymore, no more carrying heavy water containers specially to those living in high-rise condos and the guarantee of drinking freshly filtered water which lessens the acidity inside the body.Drinking water from the Izumi Bottleless Home Water System has so many health benefits, costs less and helps reduce environmental waste, it's definitely an easy habit to adapt into your daily living and improve your health as well. To know more about theIzumi Bottleless Home Water System, log on towww.izumicares.comor call/text (02)806-0031 0932-878-3287.© Pakistan Press International, source Asianet-Pakistan

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