Iran and its expected conflict with Pakistan, which may ignite another turmoil

The Iran’s aggressive foreign policy will ruin its relations with the world

Yes, this is clear that if the current regime of Iran does not change its current aggressive foreign policy on many regional and international issues, so that will open up many fronts for Iran to deal with at a time, which will eventually get the Gulf region’s situation more worse, so rather than letting neighboring countries fearing Iran to be the country that can threaten those countries’ security and stability, Iran current regime must come up with some positive moves to let all the neighboring countries understand that neither Iran has any wrong intention to interfere in its neighboring countries’ matters, nor it has ever been involved in any kind of plot against neighboring countries. In the recent times, the world has witnessed that Iran and Pakistan were almost in a situation of kicking off a dispute among them, but so far the situation among both two countries seems to be normal after a short span of disturbed phase. But that does not mean that situation among both Iran and Pakistan has got fully normalized, because as Pakistani Security authorities have captured an Indian spy while crossing over the Iranian border to enter Pakistan, so that compelled the Pakistani security authorities to find out that why was that Indian spy not captured by the security authorities of Iran? And how had he been living there for the longest period of time without having a fear of being captured by Iranian security authorities? These questions still exist and answering them, is the only option for Iran to continue strong with Pakistan.

Iran must help Pakistan in order to continue the strong ties with it

Iran must understand that overlooking the legal demand of Pakistan to provide the details of all the activities of that specific Indian Spy, who got captured by the security authorities of Pakistan, will ruin its ties with Pakistan. If that happens, so Iran will be having another front to deal with after its intense relation with Saudi Arabia, so rather than not actively taking part in order to let the Pakistani authorities probe this highly sensitive case, that has put Pakistan’s security at risk, Iran must accept its responsibility to help out the security authorities of Pakistan and that will help Iran in having undisputed relation with Pakistan. Iran should also take Pakistani authorities into confidence, if arresting one of the Indian spy’s associates in Iran happens to be just a rumor, because the more this issue among both countries stay for a longer period of time, the more it will bring distance Between both these two countries.

Outcomes of having intense relations with Pakistan

Iran must understand that if it leaves the relation to get more worse with Pakistan, so that can turn out to be the most hazardous thing for Iran, because Iran has already been in a conflict with Saudi Arabia since the Arab turmoil kicked off, and if Iran does not help out Pakistan in order to eliminate insurgency from its one the most important province, which is Balochistan, so Iran must be ready to witness Pakistan becoming extremely prejudiced for Saudi Arabia, and that will bring more problems to deal with for Iran, when it comes to Gulf turmoil.

Iran’s current move of improving border security with Pakistan

The International community has been appreciating Iran since it has come up with a decision of kicking off a ground forces drill near the Pakistani border in the southeastern part of the country that will definitely give a positive message to security authorities of Pakistan and will also help to normalize the relation with Pakistan. According to the chief of the IRGC’s ground forces, Mohammad Khakpour, the three day exercise will take place in four provinces and during these exercises, the IRGC’s current equipment the Gauds’ new helicopter unit will also be used.

Iran must help Pakistan to bring stability in Balochistan, one of its provinces

Iran as being a neighbor to Pakistan, has the responsibility to help Pakistan in order to bring stability in its one of the provinces “Balochistan”, which has had insurgency for the longest period of time and according to the security authorities of Pakistan, behind the insurgency in Balochistsan, the involvement of foreign agencies cannot be overlooked and the world has witnessed it as the Indian spy got captured by the security authorities of Pakistan in Balochistan. This can be the reason for Iran to come up with the step of improving border security and begin a ground forces drill at its border that is shared with Pakistan’s Balochistan’s province.

Role of Pakistani Media when it comes to this specific case

As the Indian spy got captured at the Pakistan Iran border, the media in Pakistan sadly has also contributed in getting the situation more worse among both Pakistan and Iran, as it started circulating undignified rumors about the Iranian reaction to Research and Analysis Wing agent Jadav’s arrest, without specifying what rumors it wanted to refer to. This sort of reporting must be stopped on both sides, as it only intensifies the dispute and which will not go into both country’s favor, so rather than creating distance between both countries, the media of both sides must be contributing to improving and strengthening the relation, which will eventually bring peace in both countries.


Iran is the most important country, when it comes to the Gulf region’s turmoil because only Iran and Saudi Arabia are now a position to bring peace and if they both get united so we will soon be witnessing a peaceful solution for the intense turmoil of the Gulf region. So Iran must understand that it’s the time to have strong and better relation with neighboring countries, because Iran cannot dare to kick off any new conflict with either of its neighbors and as far as Pakistan is concerned, so it is the country that has very strong ties with Saudi Arabia and improving ties with Pakistan, will eventually help Iran to normalize ties with Saudi Arabia.

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