Infra, cultural exchanges key in nation-building

MANILAPresidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar stressed on Friday the importance of infrastructures and cultural connection in the realization of the country's development goals.

Andanar said Peoples' Republic of China President Xi Jinping launched the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to allow member-countries to be internally productive and trade goods, services and technology with other member-countries.

It allows countries to do progressive business across nations and to strengthen people to people cultural exchanges for the best possible understanding and unity of diverse societies, he added.

Citing that the BRI is the best alternative to war, Andanar noted that building a nation means building its physical infrastructure.

Our President Rodrigo Duterte envisions his government from this fundamental premise and the Peoples' Republic of China has responded, invested in our massive infrastructure program known as the Build, Build, Build, he said.

Andanar added the BRI is the most significant program of China and the Philippines, including the diplomatic discussion of the West Philippine Sea.

This is where the understanding of universal harmony and peace are. The trade routes are the roads of dialogue, the language of merchants become inadvertently the language of communication, he said.

Andanar also reported that the PCOO has had several memoranda of understanding with the national radio-television administration and state council information office of China with sharing of audio-visual links, exchange visits of each other's staff and regular sharing of programs.

Recognizing the value of expanding platform for information sharing, Andanar stressed that intellectual data and cultural appreciation are effective communication avenues.

Ultimately, we all need mutual understanding from mutual ties through communication, dissemination of truthful information we can ensure harmony and peace in our time despite our differing cultures, he said.

In a think tank and media dialogue sub-forum, News and Information Bureau and Philippine News Agency head, Director Virginia Arcilla-Agtay highlighted that media plays a pivotal role in strengthening partnerships between states.

Its main purpose, which is to inform and connect people with current affairs, promotes better understanding between states and their citizens. It is in this manner that Philippine and Chinese media can work together to promote mutual understanding. We can keep each other up to date regarding relevant current events, dispel further misunderstandings in areas of conflict, foster media transparency between each other, and in turn build trust and open doors for cooperation, she said.

With so much happening in our surroundings, it is best if the public is always kept informed of all the sides to each story�including its cultural and country-specific roots. In this manner, we will be able to foster a greater understanding not only between the Philippines and China but also with our future partners. Hence, we must work towards a vision where our countries will freely converse and support each other because trust has already been built and is continually being strengthened by media cooperation, she added. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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