Inclement weather unlikely this week

MANILA-- Generally fair weather will likely prevail in the country until Saturday.

"There's no weather system in the country at present that can bring inclement weather until then," said weather forecaster Vicente Manalo III of the state weather bureau, PAGASA.

He said the annual cool wind-blowing northeast monsoon or 'amihan' is already weakening and will soon ease, paving the way for the eventual dominance of the easterlies that are associated with good weather.

It is unlikely for the low-pressure area LPA) southeast of Mindanao and outside the Philippine Area of Responsibility PAR) at present to adversely affect the weather, he continued.

"That LPA may even approach PAR's southeastern corner this Saturday but still won't directly affect us," Manalo said.

He said latest available data indicate the LPA's circulation is not well-defined, hence the low chance for this weather system to intensify into a tropical cyclone.

The LPA is unlikely to enter PAR as well, he noted.

Manalo said from Thursday to Saturday, the 'amihan' willlikely continue affecting Luzon and Eastern Visayas.

The easterlies will likely affect Mindanao during the same period, he added.

"Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with light rains or isolated rain showers and thunderstorms are possible in most parts of the country," he further said.

According to PAGASA, the 'amihan' starts over Siberia as a cold, dry air mass that gathers moisture while traveling across the Pacific Ocean towards the Philippines.

The bureau said the 'amihan' affects the Philippines' eastern portions from October to March.

'Amihan' is characterized by "widespread" cloudiness with rains or showers.

Easterlies are winds from the east.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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