Iloilo province on general community quarantine

Travel into the province of Iloilo will be restricted until April 14, 2020 as the province is put on general community quarantine, an executive order (EO) signed by Iloilo Governor Defensor, Jr. on Sunday stated.

Defensor signed EO 028-C which strengthens the imposition of quarantine procedures and disease prevention and control measures to protect the province against the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

In a media interview, Defensor appealed to Ilonggos to bear a little sacrifice to keep the province free from the viral illness.

The restriction of travel exempts government officials and employees traveling to perform their functions; medical personnel and health workers who also work in relation to the emergency; and residents of Iloilo City traveling to and from the province of Iloilo.

Returning residents of the province and the City of Iloilo will also not be covered by the restriction, provided that they enter the province until March 17, 2020.

“We also order common carriers, our public utilities like vessels and airplanes, to inform the persons intending to travel to the province of the restrictions and to refuse the issuance of any public transport tickets,” he said.

Defensor clarified that despite the restrictions, business and commerce in the province will continue.

“Life goes on, the business and the commerce,” he said.

The governor said all government units in the province shall also abide by the general community quarantine.

The movement of people shall, therefore, be limited only to accessing basic necessities and work.

“We will do what other areas are doing. While we have no positive case yet, we will reduce the risks,” he said.

The workforce in the private sector was also encouraged to have flexible and rationalized work arrangements.

Defensor added that the private sector was urged to reduce the contact of manufacturers and workers “without compromising the output.”

Also one with the purpose of curbing the spread of the virus, the Department of Education-Division of Iloilo also suspended all classes in the province of Iloilo until April 14.

“All learners and teaching personnel shall not be required to report to school beginning on Monday, March 16 until April 14,” an advisory released by DepEd-Division of Iloilo on Sunday read.

It said teachers and learners affected by the suspension are allowed to accomplish their requirements at home

Source: Philippines News Agency

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