Ilocos Norte sets tougher guidelines for APORs

As coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases continue to spike in Ilocos Norte, the provincial government has imposed stricter guidelines to contain further spread of the virus.


In a press conference on Thursday, Dr. Norman Rabago, provincial health consultant said Governor Matthew Joseph Manotoc is imposing stricter guidelines under the modified general community quarantine status of the province.


In Manotoc’s latest executive order, Authorized Persons Outside Residence or APORs who stays beyond 72 hours to 14 days in the province must undergo swab test or a repeat rapid diagnostic test on the fourth to sixth day from arrival and his/her movement shall be limited to official business only.


Meanwhile, APORs who are non-residents of the provinces and are staying beyond 14 days must undergo home quarantine for 14 days. They will then undergo swab test on the fourth to sixth day from arrival and if they test negative, their home quarantine shall be reduced to 10 days.


It is also specified that APORs who have no official business shall be denied entry in Ilocos Norte. In addition, all APORs who are frequently crossing the border for three or more days per week shall be required to undergo rapid diagnostic tests every week and those who enter the border once or twice a week must undergo rapid test once every two weeks.


“Let’s watch each other’s back. We are trying all ways and means to increase our capacities but the key to success is for us to be united as one community and we will heal as one,” Rabago said.


Rabago said three new Covid-19 cases were recorded on Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases in Ilocos Norte to 75 with 47 recoveries and one death.


Of the new cases reported, most of them are APORs with their identified close contacts now undergoing isolation for 14 days.


Source: Philippines News Agency

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