HR conference brings new ideas into the industry (Business Mirror (Philippines))

Q2 HR Solutions recently staged the first-of-its-kind conference in the Philippines that brought forward new and innovative ideas in the human-resources (HR) industry.

The one-day conference, dubbed HR Innovation 2015 brought together thought leaders from various fields of expertise who shared their HR insights and the perceived challenges ahead.

HR has evolved. It is not about technology but it is centered around a healthy organization of people. It manifests in everything they do. It is not just an administration tool. There are soft and hard challenges, Q2 HR Solutions Executive Vice President Sarah McLeod said.

McLeod said they held the conference as part of their 15th anniversary celebration and they are looking forward to holding in on a yearly basis.

Among the speakers during the conference were Crown Worldwide Group General Manager Camilla Brooks, Psytech International Director of Asia Pacific Dr. Paul Englert, British Council Manager of BC Tests – East Asia David Akast, Best of You Founder Mike Grogan, Investors In People Philippines CEO Gerry Plana, and ANZ HR head Nicola Hutton.

In her talk, Brooks, who holds a Masters in Non-Profit Management from Illinois State University and an MBA from The University of Western Australia, discussed breaking cultural barriers in the global workplace.

She said that cultural intelligence is important and that individuals should know themselves, others, and that they should choose their path.

Englert, founder and Director of OPRA Consulting Group and considered the premium I/O psychology business in Asia Pacific, discussed how psychometric can assist businesses.

Englert said psychometric tests predicts the majority of performance and that personality testing is the most predictive form of testing. He added that traits are the same but how they are displayed is what makes them different and that norms need geographical reference.

Akast discussed the impact of language in the workplace and how two hours is saved weekly in places where there is a competitive English language program in place.

He said the Philippines along with the United Kingdom, Australia, Norway and the Netherlands are the countries that have a very good grasp of the English language.

Grogan, an Irish who has chosen to live in the Philippines, talked about employees forming keystone habits.

Grogan said motive drives action and that activity does not necessarily mean progress. He said that a lot of people are addicted to urgency but explained that success comes from answering the question why.

Plana during his talk explained why good people make great businesses and that everyone has talent with HR needing to find and nurturing them.

Plana talked about people issues, including absenteeism, tardiness, low people engagement, complaints, low skills, low trust, conflicts and resistance to change. He also discussed intangibles, like speed, shared mind-set, leadership, innovation, knowledge and teamwork.

Hutton talked about how ANZ became an employer of choice in the Philippines with their innovative programs.

Hutton said there is diversity in the company with 60 percent of their 3,000 employees Filipinos and 60 percent female. She also said they also have persons with disabilities and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community working with them.

Other speakers during the conference were Mavericus People Management head Grace de Castro, leadership coach and cultural mentor Joanne Weston, and Storm Benefits Founder Peter Paul Cauton.

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