Hamtic’s Balay Silangan open to surrenderers from other towns

The local government unit (LGU) of Hamtic is willing to accommodate clients or drug pusher-surrenderers for rehabilitation at the Balay Silangan Reformation Center.

Hamtic Mayor Julie Pacificador, in an interview Tuesday, said their LGU is willing to accommodate other clients from other towns at the Balay Silangan, which is now in the process of being renovated.

As requested by the provincial government, I had the second floor of the LGU-owned building, where the Department of Education (DepEd) Hamtic District is having an office, for the Balay Silangan, he said.

The second floor of the building was used by DepEd for its meetings and conferences. Hence, the LGU decided to convert it into a Balay Silangan, he added.

There are four bedrooms and other amenities being done now, he said.

The center is set to be inaugurated on February 28 as discussed during a meeting with Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency officer-in-charge Alex Tablate on January 27. The Balay Silangan could accommodate 100 clients or even more, he said.

Pacificador said 14 drug pushers from Hamtic who surrendered to the police would undergo rehabilitation.

He said he is willing to sign a memorandum of agreement with the other LGUs for drug pushers from their towns could also undergo rehabilitation there.

All I am asking is for the other LGUs to shoulder the food and other supplies being needed by their residents who would undergo the rehabilitation, he said.

He added that it should be stipulated in the agreement that other LGUs should shoulder the expenses of their drug personalities.

Hamtic LGU could not afford to spend for them since it has already shouldered the renovation of the building to be made as Balay Silangan.

In a previous interview with Antique Police Provincial Office (APPO) Deputy Director for Operations Lt. Col. Norby Escobar, he said the province has around 200 pushers who will undergo in-house rehabilitation at the Balay Silangan.

The drug personalities will be organized in batches by the PDEA for their close supervision, he said.

He said the Balay Silangan is also a requirement for Antique to be eventually declared as a drug-cleared province.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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