Grace Poe on the Senate reopening of Mamasapano

The decision to reopen the Mamasapano inquiry is the prerogative of the chairman of the blue ribbon committee.

But, of course, it would be to the interest of the public and the members of the Senate to know the clear objectives of Senator Gordon in putting forward such proposal. Whatever new and relevant information that can be unearthed from this inquiry, in aid of legislation, will be beneficial not only to the families of the SAF 44, but also to the Filipino people.

We should be prepared, however, for the possibility that when called to testify, President Aquino will invoke his right not to talk about the case as it is already being handled by the court.

Whatever disagreement anyone has with the determination of the Ombudsman, let us give her office the opportunity to review the same through the processes allowed by law and remedies given to the parties in the case.

As it is, we are one with the Filipino people in the pursuit of justice and truth on this matter.

Source: Senate of the Philippines

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