Gov’t to comply with SC order to submit drug war docs

MANILA The Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) would comply with the Supreme Court (SC) order to release copies of records concerning President Rodrigo Duterte's anti-drugs campaign, Malacanang said Wednesday.

Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra said this move comes after the SC denied the motion for reconsideration filed by the OSG asking the high court to recall its order to provide the records.

Guevarra said that the OSG was reluctant to provide the records, arguing that there are certain security concerns that need to be addressed.

Since the Supreme Court itself has apparently made a final order for the production of these particular documents by the law enforcement agencies of the government, I guess we have no other alternative except to comply, subject probably to certain security checks or requirements that must be complied with and observed, Guevarra said in a Palace briefing.

Solicitor General Jose Calida, in his petition, said these documents contain sensitive information that have implications on national security.

He also stressed that the documents are "not relevant" in determining the legality of police anti-drug operations.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) earlier said that it would adopt the recommendation of the OSG.

"The PNP respects the resolution of the Supreme Court but will take the legal recommendation of the Solicitor General on the matter," PNP spokesman Chief Supt. John Bulalacao said Wednesday.

Guevarra, however, said there would no longer be a need for the Palace to direct the PNP as he expected the agency to comply with the SC order.

If that's the final order of the Supreme Court, all agencies of the government bound by that order are supposed to comply and follow, Guevarra said.

Asked if the police records would have any adverse effect on the ongoing government anti-narcotics campaign, Guevarra said he did not see any potential effect.

We do not see any potential effect because our law enforcement agencies are not hiding anything in the documents - except for security, let's say possible witnesses and so forth and so on, he said in Filipino.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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