Free higher education law victory for youth, poor

MANILA-- "Salamat, Mayor Digong." This was the statement of Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor chair Terry Ridon as President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act today, the last day before the bill lapses into unless signed or vetoed by the President.

Ridon, who had campaigned for free education during his term in Congress as Kabataan partylist representative, said signing the free tuition bill will be one the most important legacies of the Duterte administration, as it ensures state support to the future of the nation.

"Millions of urban poor families aspiring for a better future of the children and families will benefit from the new law. In fact, this is a culmination of decades of struggle of the student and youth movement in the Philippines."

Ridon said that free higher education is a lasting, intangible investment to every Filipino family committed to rise above their hardships and make their lives better." Ridon said.

The Duterte administration clearly sends a message to all our income poor households that low-income should not be a burden for our children to dream of a better life.

Ridon said that free higher education even complements the infrastructure program of the administration.

As we enter the golden age of infrastructure under the Build Build Build program, it is in the best interest of the nation to have new engineers and professionals from our state schools contributing their talent and expertise to the development of the country."

Source: Philippine News Agency

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