Footwear expo to open in Jinjiang in April

The 17th Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry International Exposition opens on Apr. 18, 2015, in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. [Xinhua]

The 2016 Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry International Exposition will be held from Apr. 18 to 21 in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, according to local officials.

Exhibitors, entrepreneurs and industrial experts in the footwear and sports industries from Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Cuba, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, India, Columbia and South Africa will take part in the event.

Covering a total area of more than 50,000 square meters, the expo will provide 1,800 international-standard booths in various pavilions including the Brand Products Pavilion, Industrial Design Pavilion, Outdoor Goods Pavilion, Shoe Machine Pavilion, Shoe Material Pavilion and E-commerce Pavilion.

A mobile app was designed this year to provide information searching and online trading services. Visitors can use the app to get access to the expo, locate a specific brand, analyze data and shop online.

This year's expo, jointly hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the China National Light Industry Council, and the Quanzhou Municipal Government, is the 18th annual event of its kind. The first annual exposition was held on March 19 to 22 in 1999.

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