Focus on mandate, new cops told

MANILA Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, deputy chief for Operations of the Philippine National Police (PNP), urged new police officers to remain focused in fulfilling their mandate and not using their uniform to enrich themselves of money from illegal drugs and other criminal activities.

Eleazar said disciplinary measures are now being institutionalized both to catch and punish policemen who would engage in illegal activities.

Our Chief PNP, General Archie Gamboa, is now initiating and institutionalizing reforms to professionalize and preserve the integrity of the police organization, Eleazar told 300 rookie cops who graduated from their mandatory training supervised by the police-s elite Special Action Force (SAF) in Pampanga on Friday.

Aside from the threat of being dismissed and jailed, Eleazar said policemen do not actually have the reason to engage in illegal activities due to the increase in salary and other benefits of policemen.

"You no longer have reasons to go astray. Our beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has already given and continuously giving the support that we need-- from mission-essential equipment and training to doubling our salary. All the President asks in return is for us to live up to his expectation as professional and honest policemen, he added.

The 295-strong Sandinig Class of 2019-2 of the PNP is the latest of the new police recruits who completed the training program initiated by then PNP chief Oscar Albayalde.

As a senior officer, Eleazar also advised the rookie cops on what to do if they encounter temptations of earning dirty money when their deployment starts -1 Always look at the PNP logo and read the motto written in their uniform.

In times of challenges, I advise you to look at the patch of the PNP in our uniform and reflect on the true meaning of the three words written there: Service. Honor. Justice, he added.

There is a reason why the word honor was placed in the middle, he added.

If you honor your badge and uniform, you will stick to your oath of serving and protecting our people. If you honor the police organization, you will become a true instrument of delivering fair justice equally for the rich and the poor, he said.

He told the new policemen to honor themselves by preserving their dignity as a human being.

Honor the good reputation of your family. Honor your batchmates here who were there with you in times of pain and hardship during your training days. And lastly, honor your profession by caring for the integrity of the police organization, he added.

Meanwhile, Gamboa met with most of the 357 policemen he earlier summoned on allegations of illegal drugs allegations.

The 357 cops, including a Brigadier General, are on the drug watchlist of President Duterte.

Gamboa requested that he deal with the 357 cops by promising to finish all the investigation in one month starting Monday.

Gamboa added that the move is part of the continuing internal cleansing within the police ranks, which he assured President Rodrigo Duterte during a joint command conference with the Armed Forces of the Philippines in MalacaAang.

Gamboa said once the investigation is completed, they would submit the results and recommendations to the President.

"We ourselves are going to process them, adjudicate, and validate the information that they are involved in and hopefully those who are innocent may clear their names but those who are not will face the full force of the law," Gamboa said.

The process aims to establish substantial proof against these police officers that can be used as a basis for filing charges against them.

He said these cops would be processed through the regional, national support unit, or directorial staff adjudication boards, where they will be heard and adjudicated for a week. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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