Flying car crashes in Canada

A “flying car” crashed today in British Columbia, Canada.

The Globe and Mail reports that the vehicle, which operates like a paraplane and looks like a hotrod with a propeller on the back, suffered a malfunction during takeoff and crash landed at a school near the Vernon airport. Authorities say it was the first incident of its kind in Canada.

The pilot and passenger suffered injuries, but are both expected to recover according to the local police. No one was on the ground at the time of the accident.

The vehicle is built in Florida and called the Maverick. It uses a four-cylinder Subaru engine to power either the propeller or the wheels, and can be used on or off road at speeds up to 100 mph on the ground. A deployable parachute allows it to take off and land from a football field length runway.

The $94,000 vehicle is FAA certified, has a cruising speed of 40 mph and can fly as high as 10,000 feet.

The owner of the company that makes the Maverick told Jalopnik that the cause of the accident is currently unknown.


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