Filipinos no longer believe rebel ideology: DND chief

MANILA Filipinos have long wisened up to the empty doctrines of insurgents so its guerilla fighters are surrendering in record numbers to the government, according to Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana.

Lorenzana issued the statement Thursday to belie Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria "Joma" Sison's claims that President Rodrigo Duterte and "pro-US militarists" in the security cluster of his cabinet are destabilizing their own regime.

Sison also predicted that Duterte will be ousted by a combination of mass actions and withdrawal of support of the military and police.

Earlier, the CPP leader said they are withdrawing from the peace negotiations following the government's decision to suspend the scheduled peace talks in June 28 to 30. The government decided to suspend the talks to give way for public participation on the process.

Come back home Mr. Sison and find out for yourself what your country and countrymen have become. Your country has progressed a lot despite your destabilization efforts for the past 49 years. The people have (wisened) up to the bankruptcy of your so-called revolution. Your army is surrendering in record numbers and are taking advantage of the beneficence of the government, the government you so detest you want to bring it down violently," Lorenzana said.

The military earlier announced that New People's Army (NPA) forces nationwide are on the decline with some 7,531 rebels and other supporters have been neutralized from January 1 to June 28 this year.

Of the figure, 71 were killed, 114 captured and 7,346 voluntarily surrendered.

"Or maybe you don't want to come back because you will be made to account for your sins, like the Plaza Miranda bombing, the mass liquidation of NPA cadres on suspicion of being deep penetration agents. Whatever you do Mr. Sison you are doomed to irrelevance. You remain in the Netherlands and you will be forgotten because the President has decided with finality that the talks would be held in our country. You come back and you will end up in jail. Sad that a once brilliant revolutionary would end up this way. President Duterte was right when he said, 'if Sison is really brilliant he would be the president not me'," the DND chief added. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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