Filipino kids to finish school first before deportation: Israel

MANILA The Israeli Embassy in Manila on Saturday said Israel has considered the situation of Filipino children affected by the deportation by allowing them to finish their school this year.

"According to the Israeli law, a foreign worker is allowed to live and work in Israel up to five years. It is expected from every foreign worker to abide the law and to leave the country upon the expiration of his working permit," the Embassy said in an email sent to the Philippine News Agency.

"Driven by humanitarian consideration, Population Immigration and Border Authority (PIBA) allows the children of the overstaying workers who are enrolled in schools to stay in the country until the end of the school year in Israel at the end of June," it added.

The statement comes a day after the Philippine government asked Israel to treat humanely and sensitively the at least 100 overstaying Filipinos scheduled for deportation in July 2019.

In its statement, the Embassy underscored Israel's continued "recognition" and "appreciation" of the overseas Filipino workers working in Israel for a number of years.

"The State of Israel recognizes and appreciates the contribution of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have been working in Israel for so many years," it said.

"The government of Israel attaches a great significance to the working conditions of the Filipino workers and it was demonstrated by the signing the historical bilateral labor agreement between the two countries which intends to improve the rights of the OFWs and dramatically reduce the placement fees," it added.

On June 13, Israeli news site Haaretz reported that dozens of overstaying Filipino workers and their children protested outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, demanding that the kids at least be allowed to finish high school.

In a recent bulletin, the Department of Foreign Affairs said it is ready to provide the necessary assistance to nationals affected and is now working with other government agencies on the reintegration program for those who will be repatriated. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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