(Feature )Plan W builds women's lives with music education (Philippines News Agency)

Diageo Philippines through Plan W wants to empower over two million women across all socio-economic profiles globally by 2017.

Diageo’s community investment program has been creating programs that nurture and develop women’s skills through one of the country’s leading passion– singing with a launch at the Aracama of The Fort at the Bonifacio Globe City (BGC) very recently.

Plan W aims to increase the competence, credibility and long-term sustainable employment of women choir conductors and teachers in all regions with target participants of women choir conductors and choral group teachers who have the ability to teach music but have limited opportunity, resources and access to formal training and education. In cooperation with Sing Philippines.

Diageo is the first beverage alcohol company to sign the UN Women’s Empowermen Principles globally. To date, Plan W has empowered more than 115,000 women and trained more than 43,000 men across 16 countries, impacting more than 575,000 people.

This is an answer to the country’s limited formal music training yet a flourishing singing industry with grassroots music teachers and conductors This is further strained by the limited reputation, employment and artistic growth opportunities that these self-taught music advocates experience.

Diageo Philippines affirms the Filipinos’ gift for music and gives its women the opportunity to celebrate life in the way the country knows best-singing, Diageo general manager Jon Good from the sponsoring United Kingdom.

Diegeo claims that globally, women who have the opportunity and access to learning and the opportunity to pursue their passion of singing,. It creates a powerful effect that impacts the society around them positively.

Good added that Plan W is a part of the Philippines 2020 sustainability and responsibility targets which aims to build thriving communities.

The first stage will select who will attend a weeklong experience based immersion program covering competencies where the workshop and coaching sessions will be conducted by Sing Philippines faculty.

It will cover topics that will introduce participants to organize, lead and develop purpose-focused and culture-building ensembles in communities and schools. It includes sessions on musicality and musicmanship, choral conducting, teaching techniques and organizational management skills.

The first stage entails having the participants rehearse and perform as women’s chorus to ensure that their training is more practical and not theoretical.

The second stage requires the women to go back to their respective communities to develop their own singing groups.

Checkups from workshop trainers will be conducted.

This will culminate in a local concert to present the outcome and reinforce the goal of empowerment for women through the inclusive nature of ensemble music.

“Outside of the few urban centers of the country, there are very limited opportunities and venues to train choir conductors and music ensemble teachers, said Mark Anthony Carpio, artistic director of Sing Philippines.

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