(Feature) Ex-cager turned inventor develops unique anti-pollution fuel-saving device

MANILA-- A former college basketball star and car racer turned inventor has developed a unique anti-pollution fuel-saving device that not only cuts down fuel consumption by as much as 50 percent, but also improves engine power and requires a change in oil only for every 30,000 km.

George de Guzman said his invention, the Power-Up, can be installed in motor vehicles and ships.

He said he was a cager with the University of the East (UE) and at the same time an amateur car racer when he thought of finding a way to make his car run faster.

"That was my original plan. That was in the early '80s" de Guzman recalled.

"One day, I thought of the possibility that if hot air (nitros) can be injected to the intake manifold to give more power to a vehicle, why not cold air?"

"I consulted a friend, a chemist, on how to make liquid formulation by converting it to dense so that perfect combustion of the fuel can be attained, enabling the engine to release maximum energy and accelerate power," de Guzman related.

He installed the device containing the mixture of nitros (hot air) and oxygen.

"During the test run, I noticed my car was running faster and emitted clean air. I could not believe what I was experiencing," he enthused.

"My car ran faster, fuel consumption was cut down, and (there was) less emission."

He later discovered that with Power Up, oil can be changed every 30,000 km.

De Guzman recounted that when he quit car racing in the early 1990s, he forgot about his Power-Up invention.

It was only 10 years ago when he thought of reviving it for business -- and he did.

In an interview with this writer, de Guzman said that so far, he has sold more than 9,000 units of the device in the past decade.

He said he was happy with the feedback he got from satisfied clients.

He said he himself, with the help of his children and three employees who are all persons with disability (PWD), installs the gadget.

Asked why he taps PWDs to work in his shop, de Guzman said: "It has been my advocacy to help persons with disability, so they can have income of their own."

Among the thousands who purchased his Power-Up was former Ilocos governor Chavit Singson, who bought it for his luxury yacht "Escalera".

Recently, de Guzman designed a device for motorcycles, and it is also perking up.

"Believe it or not, Power-Up burns fuel wisely and the only smoke-belching solution in the world, excellent for generators with lifetime warranty," de Guzman claimed.

"Power-Up increases mileage, engine life, power by 30 percent, and reduces carbon emission, and saves fuel from 10 to 50 percent."

The Power-Up invention by a Filipino could well be the Philippines' contribution to efforts to combat global warming. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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