Feature: Employers, PhilHealth’s partners and catalysts for change

Change is coming. This is a slogan that became popular during President Duterte's campaign. Now that he has assumed office, the Filipino people are waiting for this to happen.

"Change won't come easily; it must come from all of us," the Philippine President said. This holds true, as each one of us is a catalyst for change, and so is every organization, be it a large company or a small enterprise.

As a forerunner of change through proper information dissemination, PhilHealth Regional Office's Collection Section, together with the P-AIMS of Central Pangasinan, held this year's Employers' Forum. The first two of four batches were attended by 87 participants from various employers in Central Pangasinan.

The forum was the proper venue for us to discuss policy updates regarding payment and reporting of premium contributions, especially that the No Statement of Premium Accounts (SPA), No Payment Acceptance policy will fully be implemented. Key duties and responsibilities of employers were also reiterated since they are our partners in the implementation of online reporting system.

The Field Operations Chief welcomed the participants, and the ever-supportive, hardworking Regional Vice President, Atty. Rodolfo B. Del Rosario, Jr. delivered his message of gratitude to the employers present for taking time off despite their busy schedules.

Document pouches were distributed, and shoulder bags bearing the corporate logo were given to lucky winners of the "Guess Who?" contest. It was a meeting full of learning, fun and laughter, strengthening the bond between partner-employers and PhilHealth. PhilHealth is looking forward to many more similar activities. Truly, change must start from each one of the stakeholders.

Source: Philippine Information Agency

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