FDA warns vs. cosmetics with banned ingredients

The Food and Drug Administration in Davao Region (FDA 11) warned the public on Wednesday against the use of cosmetic products containing banned ingredients, which are considered health hazards.

Deborah Legaspi, director for FDA Mindanao East Cluster, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) Wednesday that a stringent product under the "Porcelana" brand manufactured in Cebu has tested positive for hydroquinone and tretinoin.

Legaspi said both chemicals are hazardous and are not allowed as cosmetic ingredients as these are commonly used as household cleaning agents.

She added that products containing both chemicals may only be bought as over the counter or prescription drugs but not in cosmetics.

I would like to clarify that not all Porcelana astringent products are covered by the advisory. But if we monitored anybody selling or distributing the banned cosmetic product, they will also be liable under the law, Legaspi said.

Based on the latest FDA Advisory No. 2020 061, the FDA says they are classifying the original Porcelana astringent improved formula as an adulterated cosmetics product that poses potential hazards to the consuming public.

FDA warned using the product may result in adverse reactions including skin irritation, itchiness, anaphylactic shock and even, organ failure.

This is the second time in less than a year that the original Porcelana astringent improved formula failed to comply with the regulations of the FDA.

Last year, the FDA also issued an advisory against the use and sale of the said product, after it was found that they were using hydroquinone and tretinoin beyond the levels allowed for a cosmetic product.

The Porcelana cosmetic products that the Food and Drug Administration has banned from the market.

Legaspi assured the public that FDA will continue to monitor pharmacies, department stores and other outlets selling the products.

We are always for the safety of our consumers. When we monitor, we will not limit it to the advisory. We also investigate and check product labels. But if we prove that it is a banned product, we confiscate it outright, she added.

She said that an advisory on a product means that it must be withdrawn from the shelves, and destroyed.

She also encouraged the public to read the advisories of the FDA and report any sale or distribution of the banned products to their office


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