Ex-anti-Marcos activists throw support behind Bongbong’s VP bid

The country has grown worse 30 years after the Marcos administration.

This was the assessment made yesterday by prime movers who actively opposed the martial law in a forum entitled: 30 years after Edsa, Veterans unite for a better Philippines.

The forum was headlined by Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos, Pastor Grepor "Butch" Belgica, labor leader Terry Tuazon and coconut farmers' group representative Ka Efren VillaseAor, who addressed pressing issues that the country is facing three decades after martial law.

While identified as anti Marcos activists during the time, they threw their support behind the vice presidential bid of Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. and appealed for objectivity on the part of the public in viewing the events of the Marcos regime.

During the forum, Abalos, who joined the People Power revolt in 1986 and whose family has always been identified with the Aquinos because his father was made OIC of Mandaluyong after Edsa, urged the public to be fair and objective when it comes to the Marcoses.

According to Abalos, he is pitching his support for Marcos because he believes that the senator is the most capable of the candidates running for the vice presidency. He said that while he and the others who attended the forum expect a public backlash for their support, he will still stand firm in his endorsement because this is what he believes is right.

"I would be betraying myself if I do not campaign for him, because it has always been in my character that even if the chips are down, I will stick by what I believe is right," he said.

The mayor addressed martial law issues on human rights and corruption and said that after thirty years, the public must learn to filter out these issues to make the right decision.

"Justice delayed is justice denied. It's been thirty years and if these issues have still not been resolved, then it is the government that has the problem," he said, adding that it is unfair for Marcos to still be judged for the same issues from three decades ago.

"There is a proper institution to process this. Charges have been filed, and what should be recovered has already been recovered. Thirty years after and we are still barking at the same issues. Isn't it unfair? And when will it stop? Does this mean that even Senator Marcos' grandchildren and great grandchildren will be condemned?" he said.

Source: Tribune

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