EU agrees to modify future financial agreements with PH

????MANILA The European Union (EU) is ready to modify provisions of future financial agreements with the Philippine government to accommodate the concerns of the Duterte administration which had earlier rejected its assistance for allegedly meddling with the country's internal affairs.??

Stefano Marservisi, director general for the European Commission's Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO), disclosed the decision in a press conference Friday, after meeting with key government officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Finance, Senate, and the National Economic and Development Authority.??

It's about the alignment between the PCA (Partnership and Cooperation Agreement) and the (future financial) agreement notably on the equality in rights, to raise problem if any, in particular, concerning the respect of international agreements," he said.??

This is something that we have to revise because it must be in conformity with the PCA. These are the articles we are working," he added.??

The EU official also cleared that the bloc had no intention to meddle in the country's domestic affairs.

He said the decision was to address the concern of the Duterte administration regarding the issue.??

"If we put that in this way I would say yes, of course, I mean we have never had the intention nor the action to interfere into whatsoever, you know, and we are certainly not, through the financial agreement."??

Marservisi said the adjustment they are working on will be the first to be implemented in the Philippines.??

"With the Philippines, yes, but I think in general no because we have [had] other cases in which some components we have to change."

Source: Philippine News Agency

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