Espina: ‘English’ confidence

IN school, we learn basic reading and speaking in English. The use of English becomes varied due to some cultural immersions, growing language varieties, bilingual and multilingual interactions, global trends and businesses, social and professional usage. Unfortunately, if these linguistic interactions are not handled well due to weak English foundation, code switching like Taglish (Tagalog-English), Cebglish (Cebuano-English) or Mexiglish (Mexican-English) may affect effective communication.

A new course called The New Englishes of the World, illustrates English varieties from British and American English, to Canadian, Australian, Singapore, New Zealand and the Philippines, among other versions in syntax and semantics.

A good working knowledge of fundamental  English gained with skills and confidence from pre-school to college will prepare any professional to communicate effectively. Interactive learning is effective.

Speechcom, just like some other language institutions, enriches the classroom experiences of an English learner to achieve confidence and competence. Parents should start their children early in English exposure outside of the school or work universe.

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