Emerging Power to upgrade Subic project

March 16, 2016 8:49 pm

Renewable Energy (RE) company Emerging Power Inc. (EPI) is partnering with California-based tech firm Amber Kinetics for the Flywheel Battery Storage Technology in the 150 Megawatt (MW) solar and wind power project in the Subic Bay.

“Amber Kinetics’ technology will be very useful in smoothing out the energy generation of our Solar and Wind farm by taking out the variability. We are very excited to work with Amber and hopeful that this milestone deal will be replicated in future renewable energy projects in the country,” EPI Head of Marketing Alberto Guanzon said.

EPI is looking at acquiring 10-MW worth of Multi-hour Flywheel Battery Systems from Amber Kinetics for the Subic project. The company will be the first to use the technology for a utility scale power plant in the Philippines.

Flywheel energy storage works by rotating steel rotors at very high speeds, allowing the system to store energy. In effect the flywheel is a reservoir for kinetic energy which can be drawn out at any time.

Aside from dealing with the variability of solar and wind energy, Amber Kinetics’ state of the art flywheels will also provide multi-hour flexible capacity to the transmission.

Amber Kinetics’ technology has demonstrated the ability to store and release electricity for hours. It also offers unlimited cycling for a 30-year lifespan with no degradation. These attributes make it ideal for integrating utility scale renewable energy and transmission.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Emerging Power to integrate energy storage into the 150MW solar and wind farm in Subic Bay. We believe that our multi-hour flywheels are an ideal technology solution to help EPI smooth the variability of solar and wind generation into the transmission system. The EPI team is incredibly forward thinking and we are excited to be working together,” Amber Kinetics CEO Edward Chiao said.

EPI is majority owned by Nickel Asia Corporation, one of the country’s biggest mining firms. The miner has guaranteed up to P3 billion the loan facility of EPI over three years to finance the RE projects all over the country.

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