EcoWaste reminds village officials of duty to prevent injuries from firecrackers

EcoWaste Coalition on Friday reminded barangay leaders of their duty to prevent injuries from firecrackers in their respective villages.

"Just like what the secretary of health (Dr. Paulyn Ubial) has been saying, the barangay leaders should be the ones to monitor those selling firecrackers in their villages," Aileen Lucero, EcoWaste national coordinator, said in an interview with the Philippine News Agency.

During a community program held at the Project 6 Barangay Hall Park in Quezon City, Lucero pointed out that since the barangay is small and its residents are known to barangay officials, the latter should be able to identify and discourage those who are selling illegal firecrackers in their village. At the same time, city mayors should remind the barangay officials of this responsibility, she added.

She said barangay leaders should also promote safe ways to celebrate the new year.

Aside from shunning firecrackers, EcoWaste also called on people not to fire guns, use improvised PVC cannons called 'boga', burn tires and garbage, and float sky lanterns.

Meanwhile, she commended Barangay Project 6, under barangay captain Vicente Honorio Llamas V, for achieving zero casualty during last year's New Year celebration.

Llamas attributed this success to the barangay officials' constant reminders to residents not to spend their money on firecrackers and to the fact that not a single store in the barangay is selling firecrackers.

Quezon City Councilor Elizabeth Delarmente's ordinance limiting the use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnics to designated areas in the barangay has also helped, he said, adding that the ordinance has led to the annual community fireworks display at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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