Eastern Visayas bizmen outline measures to fight Covid-19

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) Eastern Visayas chapter has initiated efforts in combating the entry of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in the region.

In their meeting on Monday, 20 members of the business group agreed on several efforts to fight the virus and assist their workers during the crisis.

PCCI regional governor Wilson Uy said operations of business establishments have been affected in the past few days, but they still have to look into the welfare of their employees.

Their meeting, according to him, was centered on preventing employees and the workplace from contracting the deadly virus. Businessmen also agreed to provide masks and vitamins to employees.

“If an employee shows some Covid-19 symptoms, they are advised to go on leave and seek medical attention,” Uy said.

Infected employees are assured of financial assistance from their employers until they get well.

Despite the situation, Uy is hopeful that the business industry in the region can recover soon.

Meanwhile, An Waray Party-list Representative Florencio Noel asked residents in the region to trust the government and follow the advice of the Department of Health (DOH) since these are intended for their protection and own good.

"We read valuable information on social media, hear it on the radio, watch it on television, and read it on the paper. We just have to share it for as long as it is beneficial to health and as long as it is not fake news," Noel said.

The DOH continues to advocate the practice of self-protection measures to further minimize the risk of contracting the virus.

This includes regular handwashing with soap and water, use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers containing 60 percent ethanol or isopropanol, social distancing or maintaining one-meter distance from other people if suffering from a respiratory infection or in contact with one, and etiquette when coughing.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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