Duterte promises government assistance to rebel returnees

MANILA President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Tuesday, March 6, hosted a dinner at MalacaAan Palace for former members of the New People's Army (NPA).

Speaking before the rebel returnees, Duterte said the rebel group has been fighting the government for the past 50 years and has brought nothing except misery to the lives of the people.

The demand for a coalition government by the communists is not acceptable, the President said, noting that in order to assume power, one must win the elections.

The Chief Executive promised the former rebels financial assistance, education, training, and as well as integration to the Armed Forces.

He also pledged to bring female rebel returnees to Hong Kong for them to see the achievements of capitalist societies, contrary to the promises of the NPA.

As the government starts massive infrastructure development, the President explained that it means more skilled workers are needed.

He then advised them to acquire training and new skills to be able to join the workforce. For instance, Duterte said three companies in Davao City are in need of skilled workers for their operations.

He also underscored that education of their children would allow them to have better lives.

One hundred eighty-seven rebel returnees composed the third batch to visit MalacaAan Palace. (PND)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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