Duterte hints he may still change mind on 2016 (Philippine Star)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines Barely a week after this city’s Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced he would not run for president, he hinted over the weekend that he might change his plans.

In his weekly television program, Duterte said: “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings,” when asked about his plans next year.

The mayor cited family reasons and old age when he said last week that he would retire from politics and would not seek any higher office.

But yesterday, Duterte said it would be hard to talk about what would happen in the end.

He urged his supporters not to join activities, like the planned gathering of one million people in Luneta tomorrow, that aim to convince him to run for president.

Duterte denied a statement by a political analyst that his declaration not to run was just a strategy to draw more support from the voting public.

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