Duterte graces Grand Harvest Festival in Talavera

TALAVERA, Nueva Ecija(PIA) -- President Rodrigo R. Duterte graced the Grand Harvest Festival of SL Agritech Corporation (SLAC) last Wednesday.

In his speech, he said he really wanted to help farmers because his ancestors were farmers.

Sabi ko (during the campaign period) tanggalin ko yung irrigation fee, and I complied with my promise, he said.

The Chief Executive noted further that the Department of Agriculture has the second largest budgetary allotment this year after the Department of Education.

Relative to his anti-corruption drive, Duterte disclosed that he has already fired 92 officials who were involved in anomalies.

My anti-drug campaign will continue until the last day of my term. I will not stop until the last drug lord or pusher is taken out of the street, the President stressed.

The Grand Harvest Festival aims to showcase the outstanding performance of SL Hybrid Rice Seeds and serves as a venue to share the benefits of hybrid rice technology.

SLAC is a private company engaged in the research development, production, and distribution of hybrid rice seed and premium quality rice.

Inspired by the success of China to overcome food shortages and become a surplus producer and exporter of rice, the Lim family sought the assistance of Professor Yuan Long Ping to develop hybrid rice varieties suitable to tropical conditions prevalent in the Philippines.

SLAC was established in September 2000 under the ownership and management of Sterling Paper Group of Companies.

Source: Philippines Information Agency

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