DSWD probes delayed release of disaster fund

MANILA Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Rolando Joselito Bautista has ordered an immediate investigation to address the findings of the Commission on Audit on the delay in the distribution of emergency shelter assistance (ESA) to victims of Typhoon Nina in 2016.

In its consolidated report, the COA recommended that concerned officials of DSWD institute procedures to expedite the release of ESA to the prioritized recipients and to coordinate with the Office of the Secretary for the immediate release of the additional ESA to pay the remaining qualified beneficiaries of the financial assistance due them.

As soon as the issue was brought to his attention, Bautista has convened the Executive Committee officials and instructed concerned DSWD-Field Offices to provide the necessary documents related to the transactions made for the implementation of the emergency shelter assistance.

In a statement Monday, Bautista said the Department will conduct a thorough and objective inquiry vis-A�-vis the COA report indicating poor liquidation and will report to the public immediately.

We assure the public that the Department will follow the recommendations of the COA on how to resolve the issue. Rest assured that funds entrusted to the Department are spent judiciously for the rightful beneficiaries, Bautista said.

He added the DSWD is under new management and is currently undergoing reorganization with the goal of ensuring that the Department's programs and services are truly delivered in a transparent and efficient way. (DSWD PR)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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