Drug reformation center opens in Ilocos Norte town

A two-story drug reformation and rehabilitation center is now open to serve former drug dependents in Piddig, Ilocos Norte.

In a simple program during the opening and blessing of the newly-refurbished Bahay Silangan building located in Barangay Anao Monday, town mayor Engr. Eduardo Eddie Guillen hopes the building will become a highly functional structure equipped with a state-of-the-art municipal library that will be available round the clock.

We want the building to be highly functional so there will be computers with high-speed internet so everybody can use it anytime and it's free, he said.

Guillen said having an accessible internet highway is a necessity these days.

Generally, when it comes to macro managing, people become more productive when they have access to the internet as it provides them boundless opportunities to learn new things, he added.

On the second floor of the building are double-deck rooms, fitness centers, living rooms and classrooms where reforming drug offenders can seek temporary refuge with the guidance of concerned authorities.

Inside the Bahay Silangan located within the compound of the former Gakki Center in the municipality, drug surrenderers may go through values formation and livelihood training in preparation for their reintegration to the community.

There will also be life coaching skills training to prevent them from returning to their old ways.

In Piddig town, police record shows there were around 150 drug surrenderees who just recently completed their month-long drug rehabilitation program.

To date, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency is working closely with other local government units to adopt the reformation program and replicate it in their localities.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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