DPWH contractors’ profile now online

Registered civil works contractors interested in participating in public bidding in the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) can view, download, and print their profile and records reflected in the DPWH civil works registry (CWR), now available online in the DPWH website.

The DPWH came up with this process improvement that will provide ease to contractors who normally call or travel to the Department's office in Port Area, Manila just to acquire copies of Contractor Information from the CWR during DPWH bidding.

DPWH CWR is being used to register contractors and determine their eligibility to bid for a project they intend to participate in. It provides a computerized database of contractors to be used for objective, standardized, transparent and efficient processing of interested contractors for DPWH civil works contracts during the eligibility process conforming to existing laws and regulations.

According to DPWH Procurement Service Director Nimfa B. Potante, with the newly launched CWR viewer, contractors can now check and address needs for profile updating or license renewal since they can now monitor data containing basic contact information, kinds of projects, registration status, licenses status, as well as financial records.

Civil works contractors were already requested to update their companies' profile and have been advised that the Procurement Service will no longer accommodate requests for copies of Contractors Information either through Universal Serial Bus (USB)/flash drive, hard copy or through e-mail after December 31, 2016.

Contractors who have complied with the memo will receive an email containing a user identification and password, and a link to the Contractor Information Viewer which can be accessed by clicking the CIV icon located at the lower left side of the DPWH website or by logging in at http://www.dpwh.gov.ph/cpv/.

The CIV is seen to further improve business procedures as it will result into reduced information cost, easier access to information, and increased transparency in the early procurement stages.

It also complements DPWH Document Tracking System (DoTS), another web-based portal which prevents personal follow-ups and answers inquiries regarding business-related documents processing.

Source: Philippine Information Agency

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