DOH asks village execs to join Covid-19 info drive

The Department of Health (DOH) in Eastern Visayas on Wednesday urged village officials to do their share in the fight against coronavirus disease (Covid-19) through the promotion of health education.


In a press briefing, DOH regional head Minerva Molon said village officials can promote health education by using their village audio system or using the DOH BIDA campaign health promotion.


BIDA stands for Bawal walang mask (not wearing a face mask is not allowed); I-sanitize ang mga kamay at iwas hawak sa mga bagay (sanitize your hands and avoid touching surfaces); dumistansiya ng isang metro (keep a one-meter distance from other people); and Alamin ang totoong impormasyon (Know the factual information).


“Testing is not the ultimate solution against Covid-19. It is health promotion that can help us curb the number of cases and limit the number of people who will get infected by this disease,” Molon said.


Village officials, Molon said, should conduct health education at least two to three times a day, expounding the dos and don’ts on Covid-19.


She added that aside from an information drive, village officials should also reprimand those who are not following the health protocols and tell children who are on the streets to stay inside their respective houses.


Changing people’s behavior and properly informing them on the risks of ignoring health protocols during the pandemic will greatly help cut Covid-19 cases in their respective areas, Molon said.


Source: Philippines News Agency

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