DOE opens rural electrification to private sector

MANILA The Department of Energy (DOE) said Sunday it is committed to boosting rural electrification and ensuring Filipinos have access to affordable and adequate electricity.

In a statement, the DOE said President Rodrigo Duterte had instructed it and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to work on the electrification of unserved areas and allow the entry of the private sector to provide the communities more options.

According to the DOE, President Duterte had directed the agency to remove the barriers to rural electrification and those blocking the entry of the private sector.

Allowing the entry of the private sector would result in better access to electricity for more Filipinos, the DOE added.

In the same statement, Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi cited that the DOE is committed to pursuing the President's directive to use emerging technologies in serving far-flung barangays that have no electricity.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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