DILG to LGUs:Schools,hospitals should have no designated smoking areas

Local government units (LGUs) must ensure that there are no designated smoking areas (DSAs)in public places such as schools and hospitals as well as in other recreational facilities for minors,according to the Department of the Interior and Local Government(DILG).

A DSA refers to an area of a building or conveyance where smoking may be allowed,which can be an open space or separate area with proper ventilation, subject to specific standards.

In a directive, the DILG said LGUs must strictly observe and comply with the provisions of Executive Order 26 which categorically states that no DSAs should be established in public places.

EO 26,which was penned by President Duterte in May this year and took effect last month, provides the establishment of smoke-free environments in public and enclosed places.

Under EO 26,there should be no DSAs in centers of youth activity such as playschools, preparatory schools, elementary schools,high schools,colleges and universities,youth hostels and recreational facilities for minors.

DSAs should not also be seen in elevators and stairwells, as well as in locations in which fire hazards are present including gas stations and storage areas for flammable liquids,gas, explosives or combustible materials.

Moreover,DSAs should not be established within the buildings and premises of public hospitals,medical,dental and optical clinics,health centers,nursing homes,dispensaries and laboratories as well as food preparation areas.

According to the DILG,LGUs are expected to implement the standards,specifications and putting-up of signages for DSAs for the efficient and effective implementation of EO 26.

Among such standards are the following:

1. DSAs shall not have an opening that will allow air or cigarette smoke to escape to the smoke-free area of the building except for a single door equipped with an automatic door closer.

2. DSAs shall not also be located in or within 10 meters from the entrances,exits or any place where people pass or gather,or in front of air intake ducts.

3. DSAs shall have"Smoking Area"signage;graphic health warnings on the effects of tobacco use;and prohibition on the entry of persons below 18 years old.

4. The ventilation system of DSAs other than in an open area and for the Buffer Zone shall be independent of all ventilation systems servicing the rest of the building.

Source: Department of the Interior and Local Government

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