DILG plays host to the second Bangladeshi delegation

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Central Office recently hosted the second batch of delegates from the Bangladeshi government to learn about the system of local governance in the Philippines and the functions and programs of the DILG.

DILG Assistant Secretary for External and Legislative Affairs Ricojudge Janvier M.Echiverri welcomed the 22-member delegation of the Local Government Division of Bangladesh led by its Deputy Secretary Md Jahid Hossain.

Echiverri talked about the structure and dynamics of the national and local governments in the Philippines.

"The DILG does not control but supervises local government units (LGUs) as to their compliance to laws, Executive Orders, and memorandum circulars, among others," he said.

He spoke about the DILG programs and projects for local development as well as peace and order.

"Prosperous localities build up to a prosperous nation. The current administration believes that public safety is a prerequisite to be business-friendly, thus the campaign against illegal drug trade," he said.

"The government is not only after ridding off druglords but as well as rehabilitating drug users and dependents," he pointed out.

Echiverri also said that the Philippine government is mulling over the shift to federalism to empower regions and give way to genuine autonomy aspired for by Filipino Muslim citizens in the southern Philippines.

Meanwhile, Hossain thanked the DILG for welcoming their delegation for the study tour.

"We have a lot in common in terms of culture and governance. We hope to continue sharing best practices between our governments," he said. Hossain said that two more batches are scheduled to come in the next few months, though he was not able to give the exact date.

Last July, the first batch of Bangladeshi officials visited the DILG led by Shohrab Hossain, Local Government Division of Bangladesh Joint Secretary. They were warmly welcomed by DILG Undersecretary Austere A. Panadero.

Source: Department of the Interior and Local Government

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