DILG bats for community drug rehab program

MANILAThe Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) is eyeing community-based rehabilitation programs to put off the overcrowding of patients in large drug treatment centers.

Guidelines had been handed down recently by DILG Officer-in-Charge, Secretary Eduardo M. AAo for the implementation of community-based drug rehabilitation program (CBDRP) at the local level, according to a news release issued Wednesday.

AAo explained that the CBDRP will only treat those who are suffering from drug use and drug abuse, both of which are considered as low and mild substance use, not for those who are diagnosed as drug dependents.

In Memorandum Circular 2018-125, users need to go through an orientation to reinforce positive change and explain the consequences of one's behavior.

There will also be a Drug Dependency Examination conducted by a Department of Health (DOH) physician to determine the appropriate diagnosis and recommendation whether the user shall be referred to a residential treatment facility, for CBDRP, in a psychiatric facility, or a general hospital.

If the patient is recommended to undergo CBDRP, the patient will undergo rehabilitation for a minimum of six months with counseling sessions, and unannounced drug testing.

At the same time, he or she will be provided with clinical services to be conducted by allied health care personnel; psycho-spiritual services by a faith-based group; and sustainability programs services from other government organizations.

Clinical services focus on the physiological and psychological aspect of the individual, such as an individual treatment plan by a DOH-accredited physician, medical services and counseling sessions, among others.

Psycho-spiritual services focus on the spirituality and values and spiritual formation, and guidance, while sustainability program services tackle the social aspect with services such as skills development, livelihood education, and educational support.

"These services must be present in an LGU (local government unit) so that they may be able to carry out the provisions of the guidelines of the CBDRP. Without these, it would be hard for them to implement the full coverage of the program," AAo said. (DILG PR)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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