Customs execs, employees vow support for LapeAa

MANILABureau of Customs (BOC) officials and employees have expressed their support for Commissioner Isidro LapeAa amid attacks on his leadership pushed by certain groups and personalities.

In their manifesto, the bureau's deputy commissioners, service directors and division chiefs and collectors, assured the BOC head of their backing.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the BOC officers said they work closely with the commissioner and are witnesses to his leadership by example.

One would not doubt his character and integrity. We are the witnesses of the work ethic of the commissioner, working tirelessly 24/7, they said.

The Customs officers also cited some reforms made by LapeAa, including prioritizing the welfare of employees and retirees.

He challenged the status quo that was prevailing within the Bureau of Customs for decades. Changing the status quo has hit and hurt people within and outside the organization. We all stand by the Commissioner in his desire to change how things have been done in the bureau for decades, they added.

Meanwhile, the Collectors Association of the BOC noted that through his actions, LapeAa was able to lead them in the direction that he wants the bureau to tread.

By his example, he convinced collectors and employees of the BOC to leave past practices behind and embrace reforms he envisioned. As a result, the bureau was able to attain countless achievements in such a short time, the manifesto added.

Under his leadership, the bureau started meeting its monthly collection target and is currently operating on a surplus as the fiscal year comes to an end. On numerous occasions, these changes within our agency were recognized, not only by the private sector but by Congress and the executive branch as well, they added. (PR)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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