Con-com lone female member ‘works harder’ on Women’s Day

MANILA The lone female member of President Rodrigo R. Duterte's consultative committee (Con-com) presided over the committee of the whole meeting on Thursday, International Women's Day.

Lawyer Susan Ubalde-Ordinario presided over the meeting after Con-com chairman and former Chief Justice Reynato Puno yielded the chair to her in honor of women on the special occasion.

Accepting the chair, Ubalde-Ordinario said in jest, "I should be given a rest today, instead I'm working harder.

Her remark drew applause and laughter from all the members of the panel and their staff.

She then asked all women members of the staff and the secretariat to rise to be recognized, which was acknowledged with a loud applause.

On the same day, an executive briefing on national and international security situation was held to help the Con-com put the proposed presidential-federal government in the context of threats to nations and the world.

Ubalde-Ordinario is currently president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Catanduanes Chamber. She was the provincial convenor for Catanduanes in the Federalismo Alyansa ng Bikol (formerly Bicol Autonomy Movement).

She was also instrumental in the crafting of the proposed Bicol Autonomy Charter which was being pushed prior to the shift to a full federal advocacy through Charter Change.

Aside from that, she has lectured and delivered talks about several socially and politically significant issues in various fora such as anti-sexual harassment, anti-violence against women, anti-child abuse among others.

Con-com member and former Senate President Aquilino Nene Pimentel Jr. earlier said that he sought for more representatives from the women's sector and indigenous peoples to join the body which currently lacks five more members.

The Con-com is expected to submit its final draft to Duterte on July 19, ahead of his annual state of the nation address on July 23.

Duterte earlier signed Executive Order No. 10, creating a consultative committee tasked to review the 1987 Constitution in line with his proposed shift to a federal form of government, which is among the top priorities of his administration.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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