Colleges shouldn’t be exclusive domain of one ideology: DILG

MANILA By claiming colleges and universities as off-limits to the police, militant student organizations are, in fact, curtailing the right of every student to hear both sides of the issue, according to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

The militant student organizations are, in fact, saying that only their ideology or point of view is welcome here and any attempt to weaken their hold on the discourse or introduce other points of view is 'militarization', said DILG Undersecretary and spokesperson Jonathan Malaya.

Malaya said the alleged militarization and martial law in the University of the Philippines (UP) system are figments of their imagination gone overdrive.

This is again classic communist propaganda: using the 'politics of fear' to portray the government as a repressive monster to earn political pogi (handsome) points from students in order to 'arouse, organize, and mobilize' the youth sector, he said.

He challenged militant student organizations in UP to adapt to the changing times and come up with new slogans for a change.

Gasgas na ang sigaw na militarization and martial law sa UP. Bumenta na ang mga 'yan. Digital age na ngayon (The militarization and martial law that they have been chanting at UP are obsolete already. They worked before. Now, this is digital age), he said.

He said they are perplexed why student militant organizations would claim militarization or martial law when there are no plans to transform schools into military camps or police camps even.

The proposal of DILG Secretary Eduardo AAo is very clear. It's to send police officers to schools to do dialogues with school administrators and students, not bringing the power of arms but bringing the power of facts, argument, and information, he said.

We are doing these school dialogues bringing the power of reason and information. And they seem to be afraid of that, he said.

Why are they so afraid of contrarian points of view? Isn't that what academic freedom is all about? This only proves that they do not really believe in academic freedom but are really concerned about controlling the discourse in schools so that they can continue active communist recruitment, he added.

He said the government cannot just turn a blind eye to the cries and anguish of parents who appeared before the Senate and who sounded the alarm about what happened to their children.

We have no choice but to act. That is our mandate and responsibility to the people. We all know that the youth are the primary source of NPA cadres. Joma Sison and all his top lieutenants were all recruited in colleges; hence it is a major source of cadres of the communist movement, he said. (PR)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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