Collaboration, key to better public service : Robredo

MANILA Collaboration and cooperation among individuals in introducing a new way of thinking can lead to better public service and in addressing societal issues, Vice President Leni Robredo said.

If we think about changing global trade, global politics and global economy in one swoop, we might not be able to do it. We might instead try to introduce a new way of thinking, a new way of doing things in communities and government units, or attempt to put a face on every statistic so we can effectively lend a helping hand, Robredo said in her speech at the Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society 2018 in Pasay City Monday.

She explained that collective individual transformations and collaborations can contribute to the re-shaping of the future and the society because they help build bridges and not walls between governing institutions and the people, especially the grassroots.

"Bridging those in the grassroots and those governing institutions. This is one way for us to put humans in the center of the fourth industrial revolution." she said.

Despite the technological advancements worldwide, Robredo said there is still no solution to real problems, such as hunger, poverty, inequality, terrorism, violence, and war.

"Sure these are complex issues, but they should not be complicated to solve. We must look at these problems with urgency because they have given birth to so many ongoing crises that have created mushroom clouds of suffering everywhere... world divided, social unrest, anger and frustration, widespread distrust in the institutions that have long served the human families," she said.

Robredo encouraged the forum participants to think of humans, especially the poor and the marginalized, as primary consideration in the discussions.

"We must increasingly make sure that the human agenda is not subsumed by the technological agenda. The fourth industrial revolution should not just be about machines. Keep the focus on our humanity," she said.

The Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society 2018 is a two-day forum that aims to discuss and shape the future through social innovation, corporate responsibility, corporate governance, and greatness of spirit.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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