Chinese vessel crew prevented from disembarking at Semirara Port

The Municipality of Caluya has enforced a "no disembarkation policy for the crew of a Chinese vessel at the Semirara International Port as a preventive measure against the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), an official said on Wednesday.

Enforced since January 30, the policy was adopted "so there will be no human contact," Caluya legal officer Arthur Lastimoso said in an interview.

He said cargo vessels from China dock at the port every week to transport coal from the Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SMPC).

The last time a Chinese vessel docked at the port was on January 27.

With the no disembarkation policy implemented by the Caluya LGU, the crew members of Chinese vessels, if they need to order food, (can) just do it through their phones, he said.

The coal is loaded through a conveyor so that there is no human contact, Lastimoso added.

Officers of the bureaus of immigration and deportation, of fisheries and aquatic resources, and of quarantine are also present every time there is an international vessel arriving at the port.

Meanwhile, Antique as of February 3 has one person under investigation (PUI) currently managed by an undisclosed hospital in Antique. The patient has a travel history to China.

He also has fever, cough and/or colds, IPHO nurse Jessa Sison said.

During a briefing with municipal tourism officers of the 18 towns in the province on nCOV, she said a PUI is one who has a travel history to Hubei Provinces and in other Chinese provinces.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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