Certification program to fully capacitate Army gunners

Domestic Affairs

The Army Artillery Regiment (AAR) announced the implementation of a comprehensive training program to mold rookie soldiers into becoming competent and professional field artillery personnel.

This is in line with the celebration of the AAR's 15th founding anniversary on Wednesday.

AAR chief Col. Anthony Coronel said the training will capacitate these personnel for field deployment.

“Upon field assignment, they won’t be worried. They will have confidence because we trained them well,” the AAR chief said in an exclusive documentary that premiered on YouTube.

He added that the AAR is implementing a certification program for gunners and assistant gunners prior to deployment at firing lines.

Coronel said that field artillerymen will undergo re-certification before handling actual operations.

As this developed, the AAR is also gearing up for the delivery of additional modern assets that will bolster the Army's territorial defense capabilities.

”The Regiment has constantly excelled at the frontlines in attaining the Philippine Army (PA)'s mission of defeating the remaining local armed groups,” said Army inspector general, Maj. Gen. Roy Galido, in his speech on behalf of PA chief, Lt. Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr.

Galido also commended AAR troops, known for their moniker “Rex Belli” or “Kings of Battle,” for conducting a total of 608 live-fire missions and fire-support operations that bolstered ground forces’ focused military operations and internal security efforts.

Source: Philippines News Agency