Centcom cites ICT boost as gain from AFP transformation roadmap

The Central Command (Centcom) on Monday cited cyber threat secured information and communications technology (ICT) systems as among the gains from the Armed Forces of the Philippines' (AFP) transformation roadmap.

Col. Allan Napisa, head of the General Strategy and Management Office, said the Central Command's enhanced ICT systems capability is one of the breakthroughs they achieved after getting the institutionalized status in December last year.

He said Lt. Gen. Roberto Ancan, Centcom chief, successfully presented the "revalida" on Dec. 18, 2019 at the Office of the Strategic and Strategy Management at the AFP headquarters. Two days later (Dec. 20, 2019), the status was conferred to the unified command.

Computer data base and file server are now shielded from cyber threat due to establishment of close net and data file server that completely protect from unauthorized use and access which made the command file directory highly protected from viruses or anomalous malware intrusion in the data base system, Napisa said.

Their technicians, he said, have started to create a prototype environment that stimulates and assesses the operational feasibility of the systems.

He said the command has procured the necessary devices to run the system, subsequently capacitating the ICT network infrastructure, particularly the stored, processed and disseminated digital information essential in accomplishing the AFP's mission in the three regions in the Visayas.

Prior to this, he said Centcom's data system was prone to intrusion of malicious malware and viruses coming from unknown sources via live internet connection.

Centcom, Napisa said, has been able to strengthen joint and inter agency operations to repel possible intrusion of terrorist groups that may threaten the tourist destinations in the Visayas.

This prompted the command to facilitate the creation or activation of joint task forces (JTF) and inter agency task forces (IATF) at the provincial level in support to the PNP (Philippine National Police) and other stakeholders in order to prevent, deter and defeat terrorist acts in the Visayas, he said.

Through the AFP transformation roadmap institutionalization pathway, he said the unified command has conducted a series of workshops with different stakeholders and created task force structures to establish effective communication networks, and enhance joint fore awareness.

The task forces organized were the Dagon for Bohol, CAGASMAS for Samar, Leon Kilat for Negros Oriental, Buglas for Negros Occidental, IATF Boracay, IATF Cebu, Visayan Inter Agency Task Force for Maritime Safety and Security and Maritime Joint Task Force Area Shield.

Napisa also said Centcom's active engagement with the Multi Sector Advisory Board (MSAB) headed by Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma has gauged the Visayan community's level of satisfaction on security and stability.

The high satisfaction level reported through the survey form indicates how the communities within Centcom's joint area of operation feel its presence and its responsiveness in ensuring security and stability, he said.


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