CDO reports 13 Covid-19 recoveries

– The City Health Office (CHO) on Monday said it has recorded 13 coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) recoveries over the weekend, the highest number so far since May.


Dr. Teodulfo Joselito Retuya, CHO resident epidemiologist, said two of the recoveries were local transmissions, and 11 from locally stranded-individuals (LSIs) and repatriated overseas Filipinos (ROFs), including a one-year-old infant.


Two more recorded recoveries, which were not counted in the city, were a 32-year-old mother and her two-year-old daughter.


“We are preparing them (recovered patients) for community integration, and will lift the focused containment in their areas,” he said, referring to the two local transmission cases which were contained when results turned out positive.


Retuya said that during their active surveillance in the contained areas, health workers did not record any cases of individuals in the neighborhood showing Covid-19 symptoms.


As of 10 p.m. of July 19, the CHO recorded 46 recovered patients since March.


Retuya also said that along with the new number of recoveries, the city recorded nine new positive cases, raising the city’s total cases to 118, 66 of which are active.


Dr. Lorraine Nery, CHO acting head, also said that 79.6 percent of the cumulative total Covid-19 cases–or 94 individuals–come from LSIs and ROFs, while only 22 individuals or 18.6 percent were local transmissions.


“What’s still good here is that they (ROFs and LSIs) did not have initial contacts and were not reintegrated when they arrived,” she said, adding that the 14-day quarantine has always been part of the health protocols that returning residents must undergo.


Data from CHO also showed that between April 30 and July 19, the city has received a total of 3,403 LSIs and ROFs, and only 94 of them tested positive for the virus.


The city currently has 15 city isolation units (CIUs) intended for suspected and probable patients, while there were three temporary treatment and monitoring facilities (TTMFs), which were used for patients who tested positive.


Patients who were residing at the CIUs and tested positive of Covid-19 are transferred to TTMF.


Source: Philippines News Agency


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