CBCP warns faithful vs. ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ group

MANILA The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Tuesday warned the faithful against a group called Maria Divine Mercy.

In a letter to the dioceses, CBCP president Archbishop Romulo Valles urged the people to be very cautious with the said organization.

Trusting on the wisdom and pastoral assessment of Bishop Ruperto Santos and the assessment of the Divine Mercy Philippines (DMP)-National Working Committee, we thus heed their warning that we should be very careful of the group Maria Divine Mercy, the Davao prelate said in a letter dated June 29.

With this, the CBCP head supports the stand of the Bataan bishop and the DMP that the group brings confusion and causes incorrect teachings to the people.

This, I formally endorse the position of Bishop Santos and the Divine Mercy Philippines (DMP)-National Working Committee that considers the Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) in the Philippines as a group whose teachings and activities bring confusion and propagate erroneous, false, and distorted teachings to our Catholic faithful, Valles said.

Earlier, Santos has presented his position paper on the existence of the said group before the CBCP.

May I inform your good office about the existence of Maria Divine Mercy which brings confusion and propagates erroneous, false and distorted teachings. This Catholic Irish woman, Mary Carberry, calls herself Maria Divine Mercy claims and spread 650 messages from Jesus Christ and from the Blessed Virgin Mary, he said in a letter dated March 17.

We are submitting our Position Paper on the existence of 'Maria Divine Mercy' and humbly requesting for the issuance of official declaration against the messages of 'Maria Divine Mercy', Santos added.

The Bataan bishop said that the messages and activities of the group are being conducted in Cebu, Iloilo, Bukidnon, Zamboanga, and Batangas.

This is very alarming to our devotees and followers of Divine Mercy Philippines, he added.

Carberry has claimed for years to have received messages from Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Among these messages included apocalyptic predictions about Pope Benedict XVI's resignation and words to the effect that Pope Francis was a false prophet. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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