Cayetano calls for red tape elimination amid pandemic

Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano on Thursday called on the government to eliminate bureaucratic red tape as the country grapples with the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.


Cayetano made the call after his meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte and other leaders of Congress in Malacañang on Wednesday night to discuss measures to fight corruption and red tape in government.


“Let’s fix this government from inside and out,” Cayetano said.


Cayetano noted that he could feel the “weight of burden” on Duterte’s shoulders as they talked about the bureaucratic inefficiencies amid the pandemic and how it is “choking the life out of our economy and people.”


“He desperately want(s) to make life even just a little bit easier for all Filipinos,” Cayetano said. “The President’s anger was palpable against those who make life harder for our kababayans through red tape and bureaucratic inefficiencies, or worse, those who take advantage and corrupt the system for their benefit.”


Cayetano said the President was “very clear” that the enemy in this time of pandemic is not just the virus, but also “the heartless bureaucracy that has made life unbearable” for many Filipinos.


“Decades of mismanagement has bred inefficiency, corruption, and graft in a system that is meant to serve the public… Hindi na pwede yung hirap na nga sa Covid-19, pababalik-balikin pa para sa pirma ng mga opisyal (They are already suffering from Covid-19, so [they shouldn’t suffer more] by coming back and forth for the signature of government officials),” he said.


Cayetano also urged the government to come together to craft “creative solutions” to address the problem, adding there is no reason red tape cannot be ended before the end of Duterte’s term in 2022.


“This is not the time to stand by the wayside. Time to pitch in. Every bit of help counts. Let’s fix government from inside and out,” he said. (PNA)


Source: Philippines News Agency

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